Christmas in Parma

Enjoy Christmas, enjoy Parma. Christmas is the perfect time to experience the city with the magical atmosphere created by lights, decorations and toys, and also the ideal opportunity to take advantage of the many events for adults and children that Parma offers in this period.

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eventi autunno

Autumn in Parma, among the “flavors of the fog” in the land of Guareschi and Verdi

Riddle: when you can’t see, there is. And it is the secret and elusive ingredient of many Parma specialties. It is the fog, indeed, the “fumära”, as we say in dialect. Nowhere else does this special meteorological condition have such a close relationship with food: it is as if every autumn renews a tacit agreement […]

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logo settembre gastronomico

September Gastronomic in Parma: a greedy and experiential month.

Upon returning from vacation, Parma City of Gastronomy is ready to make your return less traumatic. What awaits you is a month full of events, almost every day in Parma and the province there is something to do, listen to, see or enjoy.

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cena dei mille

Cena dei Mille: the secret on the menu of the gourmet event of September 3 in Parma falls

A great choral project, which will see ChefToChef Emilia-Romagna Cuochi pay homage to the territories of Piacenza, Parma and Reggio Emilia, and Parma Quality Restaurants to sign first and second courses, conceived as an ideal journey into the roots of Parma cuisine. Great closure entrusted to chef Norbert Niederkofler, with an updated interpretation of a […]

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La magica notte di San Giovanni

San Giovanni in Parma: between ancient rituals, traditions, food and wine

June 23: the night of San Giovanni, the night of the summer solstice, the night of dew, of tortelli, of the nocino liqueur, the night of witches, bonfires. A special evening, which combines traditions of Christian and pagan origins that are lost in the mists of time, but which are still celebrated in Parma and […]

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Casanuova con papaveri rossi

Why choose an agriturismo for your holidays? Parma City of Gastronomy tips

More and more the modern tourist searches, for his holidays, not for simple things to do or places to see, but for real experiences. One of the most appreciated experiences, in recent times, is that of a farm holiday, chosen by those who prefer green tourism but also by those who simply love contact with […]

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collage tour pr city of gastronomy

Discovering the greedy side of the territory with Parma City of Gastronomy tours.

The arrival of spring brings with it the desire to travel, to discover new things and to experience unique and authentic experiences. And what is the best way to discover, live and enjoy a city like Parma? Be guided to the discovery of places of art and culture of rare beauty, stroll through the historic […]

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musei del cibo

Discovering the Food Museums by following a tasty “road of taste” through the Parma territory.

An ideal “road of taste” that runs throughout the province of Parma, an itinerary with many delicious stops to learn about the history of excellent food and wine products that have made Parma the capital of the Italian Food Valley. Guardians and witnesses of the history of some of the most representative local products, the […]

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eventi food

Parma UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy: many events to celebrate Parma and its relationship with food.

The 2019 in Parma City of Gastronomy will be a year full of events dedicated to the food and wine world and its many facets. Events able to make known a world of food excellence that sees Parma at the top of the ranking of the Italian provinces for the value of PDO and PGI […]

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