2018 The Year of Italian food

Parma City of Gastronomy is getting ready for 2018, declared the year of Italian Food by the Ministries of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies and Heritage, and of cultural and tourism activities.

Between parties for adults and children, traditional and modern masks, the tradition of Carnival is repeated every year in an atmosphere of great participation and suggestion that involves the city and the province in a succession of events and manifestations.

Italian food: a gastronomic, cultural and tourist excellence

A year full of events and activities that will involve all of Italy in a choral will to promote Italian food, an immense heritage that every year, more and more, recall in our country a new type of tourism, eno-gastronomic tourism. Italian food is in fact a key factor for our tourism and is one of the main attractions, along with the historical and artistic beauties, for the tourist who chooses us.

Because in Italy, food is not just a product but a story made of traditions, knowledge and passion.

Parma and its products: expression of Italian eno-gastronomic excellence

It is no coincidence that Italy has confirmed itself as the first country in Europe for the number of eno-gastronomic products with PDO, PGI, and STG awards, while our Emilia Romagna region is the Italian region with the highest number of these awards and Parma, with its products, can not help but carry this flag high. Prosciutto di Parma PDO, Culatello di Zibello PDO, Parmigiano Reggiano PDO, Coppa di Parma PGI, Borgotaro Mushroom PGI, Salame Felino PGI are just some of the many agri-food products that delight the palates of gourmet travelers who contributed to the appointment of Parma City Creative for UNESCO Gastronomy.

The Mayor of Parma and the Councilor Cristiano Casa will also be part of the Technical Committee set up by the ministries for the implementation of projects and activities for the development and promotion of the Parmesan and Italian eno-gastronomic heritage.

A promotion that can not go also from the web with a cross-social campaign to enhance the artistic and cultural heritage preserved in Italian museums that represents and testifies the cultural, social and aesthetic value of food.

Year of Italian food in museums
Year of Italian food in museums


For Parma 2018 will be the ideal year to enhance the numerous food-related initiatives that take place every year in the city and province, from the festivals dedicated to Parma Ham, Culatello, Malvasia, Porcini Mushroom, Black Truffle, to eno-gastronomic tours proposed by Parma City of Gastronomy in collaboration with tour operators to discover the products directly from where they are born. An unmissable opportunity to enhance our unique heritage in Italy and in the world.


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