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Nestled in the green mountains of the Parmense Apennines, at 815 meters above sea level, is the organic farm Casanuova.

An example of family-run business, of farmers who live off their work and love it, live it every day as a lifestyle choice.

Fruits of the forest, honey, essential oils, liqueurs, potatoes, vegetables, fruit, jam, mustard, eggs and poultry are the company’s organic products.

The rich and varied menu respects the seasons and offers typical mountain recipes such as tortelli, fresh and stuffed pasta, wild boar, mushrooms, cured meats and fruit tarts. Finally, the dinner of the forest designed for two people who want to live a unique experience away from the noise of the city, in contact with nature and in a picturesque landscape.

At the Casanuova holidayfarm you can stay in comfortable rooms with a rustic style.


Strada di Carobbio 11, 43028 Tizzano Val Parma PR

+39 0521 868278