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Housed in a former colony house, the Claudia Restaurant on the Parma Apennines, in Corniglio, is a prestigious restaurant marked by the recovery and promotion of ancient cultural traditions and food and wine in Parma.

The Claudia Restaurant has made the search for quality and attention to the customer their signature. With passion, seriousness and attention, the owners and collaborators select every day the products to propose and cook to guarantee a menu that is always varied and genuine.

The real strength of the restaurant lies, in fact, in the quality and variety of food offered, thanks to a cultured, informed cuisine and reduced impact on the environment. The Claudia Restaurant uses raw materials food of superior and exclusive quality.

Cured meats, meats, cheeses, vegetables, wines, flours and much more, are certified and safe, not only because they are traceable and absolutely organic, but above all because they come from trusted suppliers and collaborators in the area.

These are PDO or DOCG products, true excellence of the territory, protected and included in a program of environmental and cultural recovery. Ingredients selected and obtained according to natural procedures and respectful of ancient customs, therefore, strictly made in Italy, indeed, exclusively made in Parma. For example, thanks to the collaboration of the Claudia Restaurant with the Azienda Agricola Ca ‘Mezzadri in the menu you can taste meats and cold cuts of Parma black pig bred in the wild in the mountains of our Apennines and worked in the area.

This allows the Restaurant Claudia in Parma to ensure a healthy, natural, free of toxic or chemical or additional substances or processes and to offer the guest an enveloping and totalizing tasting and sensory experience, through the perfect interaction between natural setting , organic products and impeccable service.


Via A. Borri, 6 43021 Corniglio PR

+39 0521 881399