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In the heart of Parma close to the Baptistery and Piazza Duomo, in Borgo XX Marzo, since the beginning of the century there was a tavern. Today there is a restaurant and has never changed the woman’s name it bears : La Filoma.

Now we find it into a historic 17th century building restored in the 18th century by the Counts Sacco, from the era of Arcadian literary atmosphere, of times illuminated by refined intelligence, which then housed a small theatre and already foretold a place of refined entertainment.

Antonella’s cooking is traditional of Parma: anolini served with an excellent beef and capon broth, tortelli d’erbetta, tortelli with pumpkin, tortelli with mountain herbs, roast stuffed veal, lasagne with strolghino sauce, tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms from Albareto (the pasta is freshly homemade), the fragrant “bollito misto” with its sauces, the braised beef with polenta with Parmigiano Reggiano, “risotto alla parmigiana” with Fragno truffles and served with “Culatello di Zibello”.

The cuisine is Slow Food as everything is proposed and freshly prepared on the spot.

The desserts created by the chefs faithfully recall the tradition and specialities of Parma.


Wednesday at lunch


Borgo XX Marzo, 15 43121 Parma

+39 0521 206181