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Antica Rocca is a historic tavern in the Parma countryside, managed by a young brigade led by Ilaria Consiglio who with affable courtesy, welcomes guests and personally follows the choice of raw materials used in the kitchen and the small, but well representative, menu of wines, which ranges from Emilian labels, to those of Southern and Northern Italy, with some French proposals.

The gastronomic experience of the tavern is a full immersion in the Parmesan tradition of good food, combined with a pinch of modernity, with the summer garden dedicated to aperitifs and music. In the menu of the Osteria you can never miss the typical cured meats of the area, including the fine Culatello di Zibello Dop or the rare Spalla Cruda or the Spalla Cotta di San Secondo of artisanal and local producers, to accompany the friable fried cake (gnocco fritto). Among the first courses, home-made pasta stands out, such as Tortelli d’erbetta or pumpkin, Anolini in broth and Maltagliati with Spalla Cotta ragù, the symbolic recipe of the Antica Rocca. While one of the main courses is horse meat or traditional winter dishes, such as stuffed guinea fowl or glazed duck. During the summer, in the chilling summer garden, the barbecue rules, under the artistic direction of Ilaria, a true grill cultist.


Strada Provinciale, 44 43018 San Quirico (Sissa Trecasali, PR)

+39 0521 878615