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The Osteria di Fornio is a century-old restaurant in the small town of Fornio, near Fidenza, in the hills between Parma and Piacenza.

In a simple and refined environment, chef Cristina and her collaborators offer now forgotten recipes, the flavors of the Emilian tradition, with an eye always attentive to the seasons and what the territory offers: carefully selected cured meats, cheeses and local wines for an experience that will it will make the whole territory and its history best enjoyed.

The house specialties are the first courses, fresh homemade pasta every day, but also the homemade desserts and the second courses with meat from local farmers.

The place that reflects Cristina’s cuisine: well-kept, modern and interesting but which hides an ancient stone cellar downstairs where the fantastic cured meats are seasoned and tastings can be done.

In summer, however, the restaurant opens up to the countryside with two large terraces where you can stay in the cool, lulled by the fresh air that comes from the hills.


Via Fornio, 78 Loc. Fornio, Fidenza PR

+39 0524 435209