Typical dishes
Local wines
Vegetarian dishes

The farm Podere Cristina is an organic farm that pays particular attention to the enhancement of biodiversity, primarily through the recovery of the breed of Romagna hen. The company produces and packages eggs produced by their own hens, reared completely outdoors, as well as strawberries, berries and seasonal vegetables.

The Podere Cristina offers its guests the opportunity to enjoy a cuisine based solely on their raw materials and local products. A small corner of paradise surrounded by greenery, surrounded by the woods of the hills of Lesignano where you can taste the genuineness and freshness, where the dishes are prepared according to the genuineness of the products and combined with wines typical of our cellars.

At the Podere Cristina there is also a small riding school with bardigiani horses where horse riding activities are carried out. The ideal place for a day spent outdoors.


Via Monchio di Mulazzano 4, 43037 Lesignano de' Bagni PR

+39 0521 852741