Typical dishes
Local wines

The Cocchi restaurant since 1925 is an institution in Parma. Parmigiani or not, no one can help but stop to enjoy the delicacies of this restaurant. In fact, it is easy to find businessmen, opera singers, footballers and celebrities sitting at Cocchi’s tables.

If you want to taste authentic traditional Parmesan cuisine this restaurant is the place for you. Every day you will find the best cold meats of the area, fried cake, stuffed tortelli, agnolotti, savaren and anolini in broth. Last but not least: the sumptuous cart of boiled meat and  meat dishes of the best local farms.

To top it up with sweetness  the restaurant recommends: zabaglione with amaretti, trifle and homemade gelato.

In combination with great wines and a selection of lambrusco wines from the annexed wine cellar.

The Cocchi family also runs the Hotel Daniel, attached to the restaurant.


Viale Gramsci, 16, Parma, PR, Italia

+39 0521 981990