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At school of taste: a cooking lesson in Parma to learn the secrets of chefs and “rezdore”

Do you feel like masters at the stove but do you want to perfect your technique? Or start from scratch? The answer to both questions is a cooking class in Parma City of Gastronomy!

The new year can start with an extra gear in the kitchen thanks to a real full immersion in the Parmesan and Emilian culinary tradition. Learning the secrets of recipes and local products and putting them into practice by literally putting your hands in dough is a unique experience, to be experienced alone, in pairs or in small groups.

Tastycook di Maestro Travel Experience
A cooking lesson with a chef or a local cooking expert is the best way to understand not only the preparation and cooking techniques, but also the history and traditions behind a dish or a product. The latter are in fact true symbols of a territory and cooking them does not mean only preparing a dish that was not known but getting in touch with a tradition that has been handed down for centuries, in homes, in families and on the tables of our restaurants.

The fresh pasta, base for preparing our first courses like tortelli, anolini, lasagna, soups, sumptuous meat dishes such as boiled or rosa di Parma, traditional desserts and even bread, pizza, leavened dough, appetizers, sauces and jams: the cuisine of Parma and the territory is a world to be discovered and known. The knowledge and mastery of the Parma City of Gastronomy chefs are the added value of an unmissable experience for kitchen lovers. Admire the manual skills and gestures of those who work every day in a professional kitchen, listen directly to the voice of the experts the tricks and secrets to improve the recipes, compare with other participants and exchange tips and ideas: your cooking class will not be simply an educational moment but a real experience.

Among flour, eggs, butter, cheeses, meats and salami, the recipes of Parma will no longer have secrets for you and the menu for your next lunch will be a hymn to taste, tradition, simplicity and Parmesan flavors.


Corso di cucina presso Academia Barilla

You just have to choose the most suitable cooking course for you, roll up your sleeves, take notes and … put your hands in the dough! Here you find the facilities of Parma City of Gastronomy that organize courses of various kinds.

– The tour operator Maestro Travel Experience offers “Tastycook“, a group cooking course available from Monday to Friday to learn how to prepare the symbolic dishes of Parma.

Academia Barilla, the first international center in Parma dedicated to the diffusion, promotion and development of the Italian Gastronomic Culture in the world, organizes cooking classes for groups or for individuals with professional chefs.

– On the hills of Fidenza the B&B Commanderia del Gusto has a kitchen reserved for cooking classes and hosts chefs and experts who will reveal all their secrets.

– In the beautiful stone cellars of the Corte Finzi B&B in Sala Baganza you can enjoy a totally relaxing holiday and dedicate yourself to the art of cooking with the course for couples and small groups.

Ilaria Bertinelli is an expert cooking mother who teaches cooking classes specialized in gluten-free cooking, ideal for those suffering from allergies or intolerances, but does not want to give up taste and imagination in the kitchen.

– At the I Du Matt restaurant, recently renovated, chef Mariano Chiarelli and sommelier Maura Gigatti have created a teaching room where cooking lessons, wine tastings and theme evenings take place.

– At the Antica Corte Pallavicina, reign of the starred chef Massimo Spigaroli, you can take part in a series of exclusive courses dedicated to the culinary tradition of the lower Parma area: the artisan production of pasta and cold cuts, the preparation of sauces and jams, the secrets of vegetable garden.

– In the heart of Parma, the starred restaurant Parizzi has an educational kitchen where chef Marco Parizzi offers cooking classes to prepare appetizers, pasta dishes, meat and fish main courses and, in season, an entire party menu.

– Finally, in the province of Parma, precisely in Colorno, ALMA, the international cooking school, is located for those who want to make the world of catering and hospitality their work, thanks to a prestigious diploma.

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