The enchanting Castle of Torrechiara was rebuilt between 1448 and 1460 by Pier Maria Rossi in honor of the beloved Bianca Pellegrini and perfectly preserves its square-shaped, late-medieval structure, comprised of four towers and an imposing crenellated curtain wall.

Access to the internal courtyard is via a long covered entrance that leads to the courtyard of honor, where is located the small church of San Nicomede whose door is studded with the monograms of Bianca Pellegrini and Pier Maria Rossi.

Inside the castle of Torrechiara you can visit: the ancient and spacious kitchen, the rooms of Jupiter, the Pergola, the Landscapes, the Victory, the Angels, the Velarium and the Coat of Arms that present frescoes made in the Sforza era by Cesare Baglione.
Upstairs there is the beautiful Sala Degli Acrobati, decorated by artists from the Baglione school and Paganino.

Particular attention deserves the Golden Chamber, whose name derives from the pure gold leaves that once covered the tiles on the walls. The room still preserves today a rare cycle of frescoes attributed to Benedetto Bembo depicting scenes from the ritual of knightly love and the celebration of the link between Bianca and Pier Maria. You can recognize the two beloved crests, two hearts with the phrases Digne et in aeternum (worthily and forever) and Nunc et semper (now and forever), to witness the eternity of their earthly love. The Golden Chamber overlooks a large porch built at the end of the fifteenth century, when the castle of Torrechiara lost its original military functions and turned into a dwelling, from which one can admire an unmissable panorama over the surrounding valley.

The castle of Torrechiara is wheelchair accessible with a guide (in some places there is a need for help).

Animals are not allowed.


Strada Castello, 10 Torrechiara 43013 Langhirano PR

+39 0521 355255