attività musei cibo

Discovering the Food Museums by following a tasty “road of taste” through the Parma territory.

An ideal “road of taste” that runs throughout the province of Parma, an itinerary with many delicious stops to learn about the history of excellent food and wine products that have made Parma the capital of the Italian Food Valley. Guardians and witnesses of the history of some of the most representative local products, the […]

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Parma City Mag, all the events and protagonists of the month

Parma City Mag, the monthly magazine of the Gazzetta di Parma, dedicates an interview to one of the protagonists of the Parma City of Gastronomy product club every month. The magazine is an indispensable guide to all the major cultural events in the city. >>> Discover the July issue CONTATTACI Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi 1, 43121 [...]

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pranzo di natale

Christmas in Parma between gastronomy and traditions: what to eat and where to order Christmas dishes.

Christmas is approaching and brings a great desire for joy and serenity. The Christmas period is magical, a moment of sharing and union, of traditions that are repeated unchanged over time. Family traditions but also traditions of a territory that come to life in the houses of the city and the province.

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preparazione salame La Fattoria di Parma

The “maialata”: a festival of rural origin that combines taste and tradition.

“S’ a gh’ è un éèl pomm, al va in bocca a ’n gozén” (if there is a nice apple, it goes into a pig’s mouth); “At ghé na tésta cla n’ magna gnanca al gozén” (you have a head that the pork does not even eat) e ancora “indré cmé la còva dal gozén” […]

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autunno a parma

Beautiful and good ideas for an autumn weekend in Parma

Autumn. In Parma, autumn is a mild, colorful season, scented with chestnuts, pumpkins, mushrooms and truffles. Autumn in Parma means broth for anolini that boils on the fire, the Ducal Park that is tinged with orange, it is a perfect time to spend a weekend visiting and discovering the city, its beauties and the many […]

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At the table with the Duchess: dishes and products loved and inspired by Maria Luigia

Maria Luigia of Habsburg-Lorraine, Duchess of the Duchy of Parma, Piacenza and Guastalla, second wife of Napoleon Bonaparte: the Duchess most loved by the people of Parma, still well-liked and fondly remembered today. Maria Luigia left her mark not only in the history, politics, art and architecture of the city but also in gastronomy and […]

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La magica notte di San Giovanni

San Giovanni in Parma: between ancient rituals, traditions, food and wine

June 23: the night of San Giovanni, the night of the summer solstice, the night of dew, of tortelli, of the nocino liqueur, the night of witches, bonfires. A special evening, which combines traditions of Christian and pagan origins that are lost in the mists of time, but which are still celebrated in Parma and […]

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“Le rezdore”: women, wisdom and culinary tradition in Parma

When we talk about “rezdora” we immediately think of the family home, the grandmother and the mother, the fresh hand-rolled pasta, the stove always on, the aprons bought at the market, the snack with beaten egg or bread with butter and sugar: indelible childhood memories of many people from Parma and Emilia.

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Easter sweets in Parma City of Gastronomy

Easter is coming and even if this year it will be a home one, even at home you can celebrate the sweetness of this holiday with traditional sweets and end a rich lunch, perhaps ordered to take away. The typical Easter sweets, “colomba” and chocolate eggs, are rather elaborate preparations: better rely on the experience […]

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