Recipes from the chefs

Hostaria Tre Ville chiacchere


Typical of the Carnival period, chiacchere is a real must at that time of the year. Preparing them at home is a real ritual, the recipe is handed down in the family and the sweet smell of the fried pastry of the chiacchere invades the house. Crispy and deliciously covered with powdered sugar, the chatter is [...]

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L'Officina del Gusto tortelli dolci vassoio


Typical of the Carnival period, the sweet tortelli filled with jam are a classic parmigiana pastry. Baked and coated with icing sugar the sweet tortelli are a dessert that is easy to prepare and suitable for any time of the day: as a breakfast accompanied by a good coffee, as a snack with a nice [...]

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In January, in the patisseries and bakeries in Parma there is never lack of this type of glazed cookies in the shape of a shoe, much loved by Parmigiani and ideal to accompany hot tea or coffee but also a nice glass of fresh Malvasia. This dessert owes its shape and its name to a [...]

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A strong but sweet liqour, always prepared with the traditional recipes that are passed on in family, ideal at the end of the meal to accompany coffee and desserts, nocino is one of the most liked liquors from Parmesans. For preparing, use green nuts, which are not yet ripe, which are left to macerate in [...]

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torta duchessa (Parma Informazioni Turistiche)


The preparation of the Parmesan dessert par excellence, that bears the name of the Duchess Maria Luigia the most beloved duchess of Parma, is a few long and laborious. The history of the Duchess Cake is unclear, especially there is no telling about why the dessert is named after Maria Luigia: it is said that [...]

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Rich and tasty recipe, picaia (veal sirloin tip) is considered a second of " special occasions" or celebration days. Traditionally accompanied by roasted potatoes it is a recipe that is handed down from generation to generation, with many variations that change from village to town and it is jealously guarded in the family. To prepare [...]

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Torta fritta


Torta fritta (literally fried cake) as nothing to do with dessert, called in other provinces "crescentina", "chisa", "chisulein" or "gnocco fritto" (fried dumplings), is a typical Parmesan dish that blends perfectly in with salami, cheeses and local wines. The dough itself is very simple (water, yeast and flour) and it is just the frying process, [...]

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