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torta duchessa (Parma Informazioni Turistiche)


The preparation of the Parmesan dessert par excellence, that bears the name of the Duchess Maria Luigia the most beloved duchess of Parma, is a few long and laborious. The history of the Duchess Cake is unclear, especially there is no telling about why the dessert is named after Maria Luigia: it is said that [...]

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Rich and tasty recipe, picaia (veal sirloin tip) is considered a second of " special occasions" or celebration days. Traditionally accompanied by roasted potatoes it is a recipe that is handed down from generation to generation, with many variations that change from village to town and it is jealously guarded in the family. To prepare [...]

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Torta fritta


Torta fritta (literally fried cake) as nothing to do with dessert, called in other provinces "crescentina", "chisa", "chisulein" or "gnocco fritto" (fried dumplings), is a typical Parmesan dish that blends perfectly in with salami, cheeses and local wines. The dough itself is very simple (water, yeast and flour) and it is just the frying process, [...]

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The parmesan tradition wants tortelli d'erbetta “longh col so covvi, tgniss sensa vansaj, foghè in t al buter e sughè col formaj” wich means tortelli have to be quite long with their pasta tail, the pasta has to be compact, drowned in butter and dried with parmesan cheese. The ideal tortello is therefore not a [...]

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“Anolini” (without g) is the word that in Parma means a little rounded stuffed pasta, while in the rest of the Emilia Romagna region is called cappelletti, tortellini, ravioli, agnolotti etc. It's the dish of the holidays and special meals, the anolini are prepared and eaten all year long, yet they may be known as [...]

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