The distric


At the end of 15th century, the Sanseverino family transformed a previous four-sided stronghold on the road leading to Mantua into an aristocratic residence. Here, before she was behaded by the Farnese in 1612, Countess Barbara had created a lively court. Incorporated within the Farnese duchy, the small town experienced its most splendid period and [...]

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Lago Santo invernale


A few kilometers from Parma, a cozy and green park, easily accessible, where you can admire the biodiversity and variety of environments from the most rugged to the wildest, from the sweet to the more "agricultural" and humanized: in this area a small community work, produce and live. The park is dotted with lakes of [...]

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La piscina della terme di Salsomaggiore


About thirty kilometers from Parma, Salsomaggiore Terme is a very special place in the province of Parma. It is among the most important thermal centers of Emilia Romagna and Italy, the Liberty architecture gives to Salsomaggiore an elegant and vintage look that refers to the past of the Belle Epoque oat the beginning of the [...]

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giuseppe verdi


Naturally bent for music, supported by his father Carlo, Giuseppe Verdi was born the 10 of October 1813 in Roncole, a small village near Busseto, and he began practicing on an old spinetta (now at the Museum of the Scala of Milan) purchased for him by his parents. He was then sent to study in [...]

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Vista del Lago Santo


The territory of Parma is not only the most famous plain of the Po: on the east and south side Parma is protected by the Apennines that separates Emilia from nearby Tuscany and Liguria. Traveling by car you can see the landscape change every kilometer, from the cultivated fields of the plain of the Po [...]

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Casa natale Roncole Verdi


An itinerary in the Giuseppe Verdi’s places start here, in this modest building, located at a crossroads in the centre of the village. His father ran an inn and an attached grocery store, while his mother was a spinner. According to recent studies, the Verdis were a family of small landowners who were not illiterate. [...]

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The enchanting Castle of Torrechiara was rebuilt between 1448 and 1460 by Pier Maria Rossi in honor of the beloved Bianca Pellegrini and perfectly preserves its square-shaped, late-medieval structure, comprised of four towers and an imposing crenellated curtain wall. Access to the internal courtyard is via a long covered entrance that leads to the courtyard [...]

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Vista del Castello di Bardi


From its position on that sheer outcrop of red jasper, the rocca or fort, looms imperiously over the burgh and valley below. With its sturdy curtain wall, embattled parapet-walks, guard towers, and castle keep, the fort is a fine example of medieval siege architecture (13th - 14th century), though what we see today is the [...]

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La nebbia


The fog: slowly rising from the ridge of the rivers, in the early morning, it creeps into the streets and alleys of the sleeping villages in the plain of the Po, coming to the city where the light of the street lamps becomes soft and the squares still silent become almost magical places , with [...]

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