The consumption of horse meat is a real tradition in the Parma territory. On Saturday mornings the horse butchers always have a queue: the real Parmesans on Saturday eats “cavallo pesto”. Cavallo pesto, caval pisst in dialect, is a preparation of minced horse meat to be eaten raw, simply seasoned with salt, pepper and lemon. In the butcher’s shop always ask for the “first” ground, it means the first quality of meat. Cavallo pesto is excellent to be consumed alone accompanied by vegetables or pickled vegetables or in a “street food” version in delicious sandwiches.

Ingredients for 2 people:
400 grams of ground horse
salt as needed
pepper as needed
capers to taste

Preparation: Cavallo pesto does not have a proper preparation. It is sufficient to take it out of the fridge a few minutes before consumption, place it on a plate, mash it with a fork, season it with oil, salt, lemon and pepper to taste and mash it again to incorporate the sauce. If you like, you can add a little capers.