A few kilometers from Parma, a cozy and green park, easily accessible, where you can admire the biodiversity and variety of environments from the most rugged to the wildest, from the sweet to the more “agricultural” and humanized: in this area a small community work, produce and live.

The park is dotted with lakes of glacial origin, nineteen in total, surrounded by moors, peat bogs, beech forests, pastures and meadows, as well as numerous small watercourses. Small villages surround the entire territory, immersed in the atmosphere of old times. The park occupies the mountainous area around the Cisa Pass and the Lagastrello Pass. We propose three pathways to discover this Park and its wonderful views.

Ridge Route:

the itinerary, at an altitude of 1700 metres and Mount Sillara (1861 metres) as the highest top, offers an outstanding view on the La Spezia gulf, the Appennines and the plains below. Ideal for hiking.

Lakes Route:

hidden in the park, between the Parma valley and the valleys of rivers Cedra and Enza, there are 19 paths through the lakes, crossing silents beech and pine woods, pasture lands, shores of lakes surrounded by rocks. Ideal on foot, by horse or mountain bike.

Fractions Route:

this itinerary focuses on history and culture as well as the surrounding nature and views. 8 kms long, it will take you to the three beautiful hamlets around Monchio: Pianedetto, Valditacca and Trefiumi. It can be followed both ways: from Pianedetto to Trefiumi, crossing Valditacca (blue signs), or the other way round (green signs). Blue signs are centred on water and energy while green signs focus on environment, local culture and rural architecture.


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