pranzo di natale



Christmas in Parma between gastronomy and traditions: what to eat and where to order Christmas dishes.

Christmas is approaching and brings a great desire for joy and serenity. The Christmas period is magical, a moment of sharing and union, of traditions that are repeated unchanged over time. Family traditions but also traditions of a territory that come to life in the houses of the city and the province.

Inevitably in Parma, Christmas is an eatery festivity that sees families and friends gather at the table, a table laden with the best delicacies typical of this period.

If Christmas Eve dinner, as Catholic tradition dictates, is a lean dinner that brings fish such as cod or eel to the Parmesan tables, Christmas lunch is a true triumph of flavors. The first traditional Christmas dish in Parma is anolini in broth, followed by boiled or roasted meat as a main course. The Christmas lunch ends with traditional sweets: spongata, torrone, chocolate, dried fruit. A rich and typical lunch that traditionally takes place with the family, around long tables of tablemates, relatives, friends.


More and more often, however, families choose the restaurant also for Christmas lunch: a moment to share to be pampered with the delicacies of the chefs, read our list and choose your restaurant for the Christmas festivisties.

And for those who do not want to give up the traditional Christmas lunch but do not have much time available to cook, the delicatessens shops of Parma City of Gastronomy will think of everything with ready meals or preparations of fresh pasta, meat and fish to take home and cook. Discover the Parma City of Gastronomy shops for your tasty shopping!



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