City of Gastronomy Festival



City of Gastronomy Festival: the creative cities of UNESCO gastronomy meet in Parma.

The food and its culture will be celebrated in Parma, June 2 and 3 with a new festival, with a traditional but also international flavor, which will involve the squares of the historic center: the City of Gastronomy Festival.

Sensorial experience and expression of the creativity of a territory: in Parma, food is not just nutrition and livelihood but a symbol of a lifestyle, of a living and flourishing industry, of a know-how that is handed down from generation to generation, of products of excellence appreciated all over the world.

Four central themes of the Festival, declined and deepened during round tables with journalists, industry experts and chefs, show cooking, tastings and laboratories designed specifically for children: “The return to the earth”, “Italian cuisine and the challenges of 21st century”, “Innovation in the kitchen” and “The languages ​​of food”.

city of gastronomy festival

Many events to tell the creativity, innovation and challenges of contemporary gastronomy.

The themes concerning the kitchen, its languages ​​and its challenges are all united by the fil rouge of the connection, the dialogue and the exchange between territories, between different enogastronomic cultures, united by a common passion and a common commitment to the enhancement of their heritage gastronomy: guests of honor of the City of Gastronomy Festival will in fact be eight Creative Cities for Gastronomy designated by UNESCO. Tsuruoka in Japan, Gaziantep in Turkey, Dénia in Spain, Bergen in Norway, Paraty and Belem in Brazil, Macao in China and Alba in Piedmont will bring to Parma their best chefs who will prepare typical dishes with the symbolic products of their country of origin . In addition to international cuisine, Italian cuisine, above all the Parmesan, will be the protagonist of cooking shows and tastings: in the kitchen set up under the Portici del Grano in Piazza Garibaldi will alternate starred chefs and local chefs.

The chefs will be at the forefront also in the POP UP Restaurant of the City of Gastronomy Festival set up in Piazza Ghiaia and managed by Parma Quality Restaurant in collaboration with CHIC- Charming Italian Chef: in an informal and lively context you can taste high quality dishes among tradition , innovation and creativity.

city of gastronomy festival


Piazza Ghiaia will also be home to savory tastings: particular combinations of products, wines and beers, typical products of Parma, the province and Emilia, cheeses, meats, aperitifs to know and appreciate tastes and traditions of the territories hosted by the Festival. In Piazza Ghiaia space also for children with the thematic laboratories organized by the Food Museums of Parma thanks to which the children will make an educational and discovery trip in the world of food, products and their processing. Also via Mazzini, a link between Piazza Ghiaia and Piazza Garibaldi, pulsating hearts of the Festival, will host the little ones with the workshops organized by IBO Onlus and Conad.

city of gastronomy festival

The events of the City of Gastronomy Festival are all free and will involve the city in an atmosphere of sharing and exchange between food and wine cultures, but not only. The Festival program tells a story, developed around specific themes during the events able to tell the creativity, innovation and challenges of contemporary gastronomy.

Discover the complete program of the City of Gastronomy Festival!

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