The entrance for the Municipal Museums of Parma is free: discover the heritage of the museums and exhibition spaces of the Municipality of Parma thanks to initiatives, guided tours and free workshops for adults and children, made by specialized museum staff and promoted by the Culture Department of the Municipality of Parma.

Visit the Pinacoteca Stuard, a gallery articulated around the small central cloister of the historic complex of the former convent of Saint Paul, with an exhibition trail starting from the 14th to 15th century to reach the twentieth century, winds through 22 environments and two floors, including works of various artistic and pictorial cultures.

Inside the Parco Ducale there is the Palazzetto Eucherio San Vitale, a place of inestimable artistic and cultural value, as well as a precious jewel of late-fifteenth century architecture, internally frescoed with landscapes and religious paintings.

Suitable for the children the Puppet Castle, one of the most important Italian puppet theater collections, dedicated to Giordano Ferrari, a Parmesan puppeteer, a skilled carter, but also a passionate researcher, who had the merit of creating a collection that is about three hundred square meters located within the ancient Complex of Saint Paul, with a heritage of 2842 pieces of puppets, 637 pieces between backdrops and scenes, 438 scripts (most manuscripts), a specialist library on figure theater and a public archive of paper (containing posters, photographs, letters, etc.) for a stimulating and entertaining itinerary.

For the lovers of th opera and music, the Opera Museum, House of Sound, together with Casa Natale Arturo Toscanini for a transversal musical journey that unfolds between different ages and genres.


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