Easter sweets in Parma City of Gastronomy

Easter is coming and even if this year it will be a home one, even at home you can celebrate the sweetness of this holiday with traditional sweets and end a rich lunch, perhaps ordered to take away. The typical Easter sweets, “colomba” and chocolate eggs, are rather elaborate preparations: better rely on the experience of chefs and pastry chefs, here are our tips to taste the best Easter desserts in Parma City of Gastronomy.

If chocolate eggs are your passion, let yourself be tempted by the artisanal creations of Cioccolato Banchini. Banchini’s chocolate in Parma has been a guarantee since 1879: Easter eggs are finely decorated and produced with excellent raw materials such as Pistachios from Bronte and Hazelnuts from Piedmont. The chocolate, dark white or milk, is that of the highest quality that has bewitched the Parmesan and not only for more than a hundred years. Choose it if you want to amaze!

uovo di pasqua con pistacchi banchini

If, on the other hand, leavened products are your passion, you will be spoiled for choice. The pastry shops and laboratories of Parma have really indulged themselves with classic and modern Easter doves, for all tastes!

The Anima di Parma pastry shop offers the colomba in two different versions, which have now become strong pieces of their production: Ciliegiotto and Dolce Parma. The first is a triumph of black cherries and cherries while the Dolce Parma is enriched with very soft apricots. If you don’t know which one to choose, we recommend getting both!colomba anima di parma

Moving to Salsomaggiore Terme we find the proposals of Pasticceria Tosi, a real institution for leavened and baked products, since 1962. Their famous focaccia, just before Easter, turns into colomba. The processing is strictly artisanal and without preservatives. The base is 100% natural mother yeast, the result is a soft and velvety dough, delicately dipped in maraschino and sumptuously enriched with apricot, pineapple and candied orange bark. A classic that amazes!

colomba tosi

Remaining in the province, in Tabiano Terme the inspiration of Claudio Gatti of the Pasticceria Tabiano has given life to particular and refined colombe. The basic dough is the one of focaccia di Gatti, with a processing of over 36 hours, while the tastes are many and able to satisfy everyone. In addition to the traditional one and the one with ancient grains, there are colombe stuffed with creams (in the flavors limoncello, zuppa inglese and “Duchessa” a tribute to Maria Luigia with zabaione and hazelnut), the colomba with green tea, the one with chocolate and pears and the exotic one with peaches, pineapples and apricots.

colomba tabiano esotica

The choice is now yours: you can order online, by phone or consult the social channels of the pastry shops to have your favorite Easter dessert delivered or picked up on site. We just have to wish you a happy and sweet Easter!

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