Companies, as you have never seen them before. Have you ever imagined being able to touch how the excellences of our territory are made? Or how can culture contaminate company activities?

A project born and developed in the context of Parma, the Italian Capital of Culture 2020+21, to talk about companies, an integral part of a territory and a community, now in its fourth edition.

Imprese Aperte- Open Enterprises talks about industrial tourism, is linked to business museums and the rediscovery of traditions and production processes, experiences, skills, know-how, human and social capital and languages.

From May to November 2024, we open the doors of companies to visitors, promote the dissemination of business culture to the public and develop and host cultural initiatives. The project was conceived by the association “Parma, io ci sto!” and by the Parma Union of Industrialists, in collaboration with the Cisita Parma training institution.

There are numerous scheduled events for which you can register for free via the Eventbrite platform starting from April 20, 2024.
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Strada al Ponte Caprazucca, 6/a 43121 Parma

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