My job is Forestry technician at the Municipal Consortium of Parma and the Consortium of Borgotaro porcini mushroom, I work in contact with nature, planning everything to do with the improvements of forest properties (thinning, reforestation, roads, trails, reserves mushrooming, the management of Community importance sites, etc.).

Since 2013 I am Environmental Guide, empowered to carry out the accompanying activities in nature, with the intent to illustrate the environmental and natural aspects of the area; in my excursions offered stand out in autumn, those concerning the experience and thrill of the search for IGP porcini mushrooms and of so-called “monor mushrooms” or other more gastronomic experiences, such as the search for edible herbs.

I belong to AIGAE (Italian Association of Nature Guides) and to AGAEVV (Association of environmental guides of Valtaro Valceno). it is a local association of nine guides, all secured and enabled, and organizes excursions almost every weekend of the year.