If you pass in Parma even for a few hours or just for a day and then go to other distant shores, you can not miss a visit to the Duomo, the Baptistery, the Pilotta Palace and the Steccata Church. Four buildings close to each other and very rich in history.

To see Parma in a day you can follow this fast but enchanting itinerary that starts from the Pilotta Palace, an example of the sumptuous life of the Farnese family who built this enormous building, which however remained unfinished. Inside there are the Farnese Theater on the first floor, the Palatine Library, the Bodonian Museum, the Archaeological Museum and the National Gallery. Inside the National Gallery, it is possible to admire the collection of works by Italian and foreign artists as well as works by Correggio and Parmigianino. The sight of the Scapigliata di Leonardo is certainly worth a visit.
Crossing Piazzale della Pace and turning right onto Strada Garibaldi you arrive in front of the Steccata Church. In addition to admiring the beautiful church, inside you can enjoy one of the latest works of Parmigianino: the Three Wise Virgins and the Three Foolish Virgins. Once out of the church, go straight on and take Via Goffredo Mameli on the left.

Follow the street and then turn left into Via Cavour and then right again, after a few meters, into Strada del Duomo. From there in a few steps you will see the vision of the Cathedral of Parma and the Baptistery in the beautiful square.

Both of Romanesque style, were designed by Benedetto Antelami who took care of the construction of the entire building. He completed the large gabled façade and revisited the three naves. The Baptistery was consecrated in 1270. The decoration works were entrusted to Benedetto Antelami but lasted longer than expected because the Verona rose marble ceased to arrive because of the quarrel between Parma and the then Ghibelline lord of Verona.

Here ends this short itinerary to see Parma in one day. If it was not enough to think of being able to stop you a little longer, take a look at the other routes… maybe they will be able to tempt you!


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