The “Parma City of Gastronomy” award, a print depicting the layout of the city of Parma and the official cockade, aims to recognize the best creative expressions of gastronomic culture, combining excellence in tradition, creativity and food culture.

The award was designed as a reference point for gastronomy and for all those who approach it with courage, curiosity, creation and innovation.

“Creativity is a decisive factor for winning the challenges of the future” – continues Cristiano Casa, Councilor for International Relations and Tourism – “In a gastronomic sense, aiming for continuous innovation is the most profitable strategy to enhance world-renowned excellences and support their proper positioning at an economic and touristic level.”

Until today, the Unesco Creative City Award has been conferred to:

Richard Geoffroy, since 1990 Chef de Cave of Dom Pérignon, May 8 2019

For the ability to transform local products and make them become city ambassadors, to enhance the exceptional traditions and the extraordinary results that the art of cuisine can offer and above all for the higly talented protagonists of food and wine sector.

Riccardo Monco, executive chef of the three-starred Enoteca Pinchiorri of Florence, May 2 2019

For the ability to combine modernity and tradition, resulting always surprising and welcoming through his creations that combine courage, curiosity and innovation.

Carlo Cracco, Restaurant Cracco, Milano, September 3 2019

For the passion, love and respect of the ingredients, local products and culture along with a continuous research that brings life to the idea of cuisine, that is surprising, welcoming and challenging. Courage, innovation, curiosity, dedication, love are the values and the talents of this land that, over time, have made it the Food Valley and that also represent the ingredients of creativity and haute cuisine. The result is: creation and harmony.


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