Obtained from the lean part of the rear thighs of the pig, the ham Fiocchetto is a cold cut with a sweet and delicate taste. The thighs of the heavy pigs are the same that are used for the production of the Parma ham, after the first cut made by the artisans to obtain the Culatello.

The ham Fiocchetto is a very lean cold cut, almost lacking of fat but at the same time it has a very soft texture and taste. Softness and delicacy are given by a slow and long aging in the humid cellars but also by the salt and the “sugna” (mix of pork fat, salt, pepper, flour) made with the ancient and traditional recipe.

The sweetness of the ham fiocchetto perfectly marries the simplicity of fresh bread with butter or of the “torta fritta” a classic Parmesan dish. Accompanied by a glass of sparkling wine of the hills of Parma, like Lambrusco or Malvasia, fiocchetto ham is a fine cold cut which deserves to be served in great occasions.