Welcome to the wonderful world of hand made pasta. If you were born in Parma, you were born among the sheets of home made pasta; in our land the heart and engine of the kitchen is the “rezdora”, the queen of the house. She is the one who knows the secrets of the dough and knows how to use a rolling pin. The rezdora is the one who treasures the experience of tradition, the respect for the ingredients that the earth gives us, the love for doing things with her own hands, skill and delicacy. Her hands gently caress the dough and her energetic thumbs are able to create masterpieces of taste such as tagliatelle, tortelli and anolini. If Parma’s cuisine has become an international symbol of excellent food, it is maily thanks to our “rezdora”. The bond between the dough and the land is in fact a history that comes from afar. Parma was the birthplace of the first factory of handmade pasta that was opened at the beginning of the nineteenth century, a brand that would have soon traveled the world. The industry of food production is reinforced and rewarded with the tradition of our country and must be preserved and safeguarded.