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Also called “red gold”, the tomato is the basis of the Great Country’s cuisine and is very much cultivated in Parma.

Especially during summer, Parma is covered in marvelous ruby colored fields and the smell of freshly picked tomatoes fills the air.

It was in the 19th century that Parma developed what would have become one of the principal districts for the production of polpe (crushed tomatoes) and passate (tomato puree), the strongest in the food industry, exporting its products all over the world.

Many museums have been dedicated to this vegetable, and one of them is located in the Benedictine Grange of the Giarola Court in the Collecchio Municipality. The Tomato Museum explains the deep connection between this fruit and Parma’s territory, its homeland by choice, through an exhibition of antique machineries, models, photos, and historical documents.


Museo del Pomodoro
Corte di Giarola – Strada Giarola, 11
43044 Collecchio (PR)
Tel.+39 3332362839