There is no salami cutting board not paying tribute to the “prince of salami”: Salame Felino. Its name comes from the town where it was born, in the province of Parma and where an entire museum is dedicated to it in the Castle of Felino. Its origins go back to the past: centuries of work have allowed the local butchers to reach that level of art and skills that make it such a unique pork salami. Salame Felino has to age for at least twenty five days before reaching the perfect balance between the fat and the lean meat, obtained only from the chuck of porks. It is traditionally sliced with a cutting angle of 60° in order to show its unique grain. Salame Felino gives more flavour to life with a rare pleasure for the palate that.


Consorzio del Salame di Felino
Strada al Ponte Caprazucca, 6/a
43121 Parma
Tel.+39 05212266

Salame Felino IGP