Spalla Cotta is a very acient product. Back in the Middle Ages it was already well-known and appreciated as a delicious and original salami, just as it is written on a parchment that was drawn up in San Secondo, dating back to 1170. Even today, only the sound of its name makes your mouth happy. Spalla Cotta is made from the quart front of the pork and, thanks to the exclusively handmade process typical of this restricted area of Parma Po Valley, it turns into a delicious salami. After being boned, trimmed and salted the Spalla Cotta is left to mature for a short period. It is then cooked in wine and water with the addition of natural spices, which give the product its unique taste and aroma. Spalla Cotta is served hot with fried bread, polenta and quince chutney, accompanied by a glass of Fortana del Taro della Bassa.

Spalla cotta di san Secondo