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The black pig of Parma is famous not only for the delicacy of its meat but also bacause it is bred outdoors.

Since the times of the Roman Empire, Parma was famous for its abundance of pigs grazing is in the swamps of the hills and the mountains. Black pigs’ high quality origins are located in southern Italy and Spain: the cross-breeding of pigs from those areas with indigenous pigs from Parma gave rise to the so famous Black Race of Parma. From 1900 onwards black pigs were gradually replaced by the white races of Northern Europe much more profitable and productive. But since the mid-90ies, thanks to the willing farmers and the contribution of the Chamber of Commerce, Soprip and the Province of Parma started implementing a project aimed to recover the old race that is now officially back in the Parma area and repopulates the palates of gourmets.

The peculiarity of its meat and its intense ruby red color are the characteristics that have been appreciated in time about this kind of pig.

A prerogative of this race is a genetic predisposition to a kind of fat distribution that makes the pigs tcook fast without losing tenderness and taste; the intramuscular fat and lard are particularly tender, giving a pleasant flavor to sausages and grilled meat.

The black pig of Parma is bred outdoors and this is why it is a very robust pig, medium-big size. This animal is recognizable by its dark skin color and from its coat covered in sparse bristles with a dark gray, almost black colour.

Among the features that distinguish it from other pigs the ears are inclined forward and downward.


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