Società Agricola Saliceto produces Parmigiano Reggiano using milk only from their farm, processed directly in the farm dairy, A story that dates from 1960.

At Roccabianca, in the heart of the Bassa Parmense, Agricola Guareschi produces Parmigiano Reggiano following every phase of production and processing.

The cows are born and raised on the farm and feed with the fodder grown and produced in the surrounding land, owned by the farm: in this way the production chain of Parmesan Guareschi is entirely local. Great attention is also paid to the quality of the feed, to ensure a cheese produced in respect of nature and ensuring the highest quality.

Available for guided tours, direct sale of products and tastings, Agricola Guareschi is the ideal place for those who want to discover and taste the excellence of Parma.


Strada Canaletto, 2 43010 Roccabianca PR

+39 348 5608215