The passion of the Magnani family for the king of salumi “the Culatello,” has turned from an ancient tradition in a delicious moment to share with those who love and appreciate the flavors and aromas of the past …… here Tradition is an art that continues!

After a careful selection of the meats of local pigs, the tradition and the expert hands of butchers with their secrets allow the delicate preparation of our meats.

They are left to stand for the drying period in the cellars of the farmhouse, where the opening of the windows allows natural ventilation. It then switches to natural seasoning in the centuries-old cellars of the farmhouse where the microclimate characterizes the delicate aroma of our meats. The winter humid climate and the constant fog of our territory, favor the slow and long ripening.

The Azienda Brè del Gallo has been recognized and certified as a manufacturer of the Slow Food Presidium of Culatello and Spalla Cruda from Palasone.

In addition to the delicious Culatello DPO (Trademark “Ancient Producers”) and Spalla Cruda of Palasone, working exclusively in winter without the use of additives, our other traditional specialties are Coppa, Fiocchetto, Pancetta and traditional salami and delicate salami Strolghino.

Furthermore the farm produces local wine suche as Fortana and Malvasia, and itis possible to buy all the products from the inner shop, and you can event make reservation in advance for guided tour of the farm with tasting.


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