Cantina Il Poggio


At Cantina Il Poggio ancient vinifications and the original art of transforming grapes into wine are rediscovered, pure from preconceptions and sophistications, part of the local culture and the culture of being Italian. The starting point is tradition to go straight to the future through avant-garde enology using only hands and the passion between the cellar and the vineyard.

Artisans work at the Cantina il Poggio. The people who work in the vineyard and in the cellar are the same who welcome visitors and onlookers: their passion guides them through history and cutting-edge technology.

At Cantina Il poggio contemporary wines are made, because they are born from the craftsmanship that destroys everything that is not territory and grapes, but “beyond contemporaries” because from these rubble, with avant-garde winemaking culture and technique, they are rebuilt, in a completely new, wines and experiences.

They are the wines of the authentic Italian tradition, but projected into the future, starting from what it was.

Deconstruction, culture, technique, reconstruction.


Loc.Cangelasio, 199 Salsomaggiore Terme (PR)

+39 0524 574200