For over 150 years, the Pongolini Family has made the art of pork-making its business, producing the best cured meats of the Parma tradition.

In the countryside around Parma, for the peasant families of the past, raising a pig at home was a tradition as old as the world: with its meat, depending on the area, Salami, Strolghini, Culatelli, Fiocchetti, Pancette, Coppe , Hams, Spalle Cotte.

More than a century and a half ago for the Pongolini family that ancient tradition has become an activity that over time has become a company. It was 1968 when Guido Pongolini and his wife Anna Maria decided to move the center of their activities from the historic family cold cuts factory in Fontanellato to a new and larger production plant along the Via Emilia, in Sanguinaro, in the area where still today the Fattoria is located.

The Fattoria di Parma, which today is run by the sons of Guido and Annamaria, Paolo and Cristina, today is an important production company but has retained much of its history as a family business. Guided tours, customized tastings and enogastronomic meetings are not extraordinary events at the Fattoria di Parma: it is always possible to organize them.

To better accommodate its guests, the Fattoria di Parma has invented the SalAmeria, a unique space, overlooking the Bottega, dedicated to tasting and discovering the cured meats that are produced in the factory just a few steps away.


Strada Del Priorato, 96 43012 Sanguinaro PR

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