At the cured meats factory "La Perla" quality is the main requisite for the production of Prosciutto di Parma PDO and other typical local cured meats.

For over 20 years the family Lanfranchi is dedicated to the production of ” Parma ham “, the only product of its kind with its naturalness and its inimitable sweetness is recognized and appreciated around the world.

The Parma Ham is an undeniably healthy food ,low in fat, a lot of protein and a very low cholesterol content. In all different stages of production and a lot of attention to the choice of the raw material together with the experience of tradition place ” La Perla ” among the leading manufacturers of this delight with a pink color and delicate fragrance recognized worldwide as authentic “work of art ” of taste and flavor.

Outside the farm there is a free parking area for campers with the possibility of loading and discharge water .

The salumifiico La Perla organizes guided tours, tastings, lunches and a shop where to buy the products.


Str. Quinzano Sotto, 10, 43013 Quinzano (PR)

+39 0521853572