Pasticceria Tabiano was founded in 1988 by the passion and commitment of Claudio Gatti producing and packaging products using homemade methods.

Pasticceria Tabiano was founded in 1988 in Tabiano Terme, a small town in the Parmigiani hills, by the passion and commitment of Claudio Gatti and some trusted colleagues and since then produces and packages products using homemade methods, adhering to tradition and quality. Today, although the production has been refined through the use of modern machinery, the processes and the quality of the raw ingredients have not changed.

Since 2004 Pasticceria Tabiano has made a name as producers of Focaccia and Pandolce with 100% extra-virgin olive oil, products which are known for being light and digestible, while still maintaining the quality and the taste of the traditional products.

The remarkably large premises are located deep in the green centre of Tabiano Terme and boast a multitude of products to leave even the most insatiable visitor speechless.

Thanks to a sophisticated bar service, the clients may taste the sweet specialities, accompanied by an excellent coffee or a fine tea.

The refreshing homemade gelato is ideal for cooling the palate during the hot summer evenings and is available in a range of flavours to excite the imagination of the most seasoned ice-cream lover.


Viale alle Fonti, 7 Loc. Tabiano Salsomaggiore Terme (PR)

0524 565233