The Podere Stuard farm in Parma is a company specialized in organic agricultural production and experimentation and in biodiversity protection projects

The Podere Stuard farm in Parma is a company specializing in organic farming, whose motto is: “We cultivate the future while preserving the past”.

A link between the agriculture of the past and agriculture of the future, between conservation and innovation in an attempt to safeguard biodiversity, guaranteeing agricultural production that respects the environment and nature.

The experimentation of Podere Stuard concerns both extensive crops (durum wheat, sorghum, maize and fodder in conventional, soft and hard wheat, corn, soya and organic pea in organic) and horticulture, especially industrial tomatoes, but also from fresh market (onion, potato, melon, pumpkin), both in integrated and organic production. Another important activity of the company has been the recovery and maintenance of the local cereal and horticultural biodiversity for over twenty years. In the company collections there are more than 100 varieties of cereals and old tomatoes, as well as melons, pumpkins, mustard-based watermelons and beans. Alongside plant production, the Stuard Company also conducts a small breeding activity of native poultry (Modenese and Romagnolo chicken and turkey from Parma and Piacenza) which is part of local biodiversity recovery projects.

Also important is the informative and didactic activity carried out by the experimental Stuard company aimed at adults and children but also technicians and experts in the sector through meetings, field visits, newsletters, scientific publications, television broadcasts.

In the company there is also a company store where you can buy fresh and processed products and organic or biodiversity of many small local producers.


Strada Madonna dell'Aiuto, 7/A 43126 Parma

+39 0521 671569