Salumificio Minozzi di Busseto, in the heart of the Bassa Parmense, began its history in 1976 when grandfather Angelo Minozzi bought his first cart and his first cage for the pig bought from his neighbor’s farmer.

Since then the salumificio, still family-run, has maintained the same values, the same care as in the past in the choice of pigs, which come from farms that are all from Emilia or Lombardy. The processing of the meat is carried out by expert butchers who wisely transform the raw material into delicious cured meats, such as Culatello di Zibello PDO, so much so that the salumificio is one of the founding members of the Protection Consortium.

The seasoning is carried out in the centenary cellar, which still today, as per tradition, keeps the floor underground with bricks placed on the ground as it once was: the best way to maintain the right humidity necessary for a perfect seasoning of the products.

Salumificio Minozzi awaits you for visits to the production and a stop at the shop to buy cured meats directly.


Località Frescarolo,116 43011 Busseto PR

+39 0524 97088