Rosa di Parma is a great classic of Parmesan cuisine, a meat main course that combines some of our best products: Parmigiano Reggiano, Prosciutto di Parma, Lambrusco. Rich and tasty, Rosa di Parma is an ideal dish to present on the table for festivities or special occasions.

Ingredients for 4 people:
600 g of beef fillet
50 g of flaked Parmigiano Reggiano
6 slices of Prosciutto di Parma
3 cloves of garlic
a sprig of rosemary
75 cl of Lambrusco
25 cl of Marsala
100 g of cream
1 dl of olive oil
25 g of butter
Salt and Pepper to taste

Preparation: open the fillet like a book, that is, open it with a transversal cut so as to give it the shape of an open book, and beat it with the meat tenderizer. Salt it and flavor it with pepper. Cover the inside of the fillet with very thinly sliced ​Prosciutto di ​Parma and Parmigiano Reggiano flakes, roll it up and tie it with a food string or kitchen net so that it does not open during cooking. On a medium heat, place a pan with the extra virgin olive oil and the butter and, when the latter has melted, add the chopped garlic and rosemary and, as soon as the garlic is golden, add the fillet and brown it on all sides making it take color well. Then add the Lambrusco and Marsala wine and cook in 20 minutes.
Then remove the fillet from the casserole. Pour the cream into the cooking juices, raise the heat and reduce the sauce for a few minutes until it becomes a little thicker. Adjust it with salt and pepper to taste. Untie the fillet, cut it into slices and serve covered with its sauce.