Imagine being able to enter the most secret cellars of a sausage factory with 150 years of tradition where they mature Culatelli, Culatte, Strolghini, gentle salami, Fiocchetti pampered by the autumn fog and the heat wave in summer …

And then imagine you can buy them in a shop where you can breathe the aromas of the products and where experienced and passionate staff will advise you the best meats, cheeses, preserves, wines. All this and much more awaits you at the Bottega della Fattoria di Parma where you can buy the products born in the nearby production plant.

On Via Emilia, a short distance from Parma, in this shop you will find all the best art of Parmesan butchery, appreciating the mastery of a family that has been working in this field for over 150 years. And if buying is not enough in the adjacent “Salameria” you can taste all the products in exquisite mixed boards, accompanied by fresh bread and a nice glass of local wine. An unmissable experience.


Strada Del Priorato, 96 43012 Sanguinaro PR

+39 0521 825137