About thirty kilometers from Parma, Salsomaggiore Terme is a very special place in the province of Parma. It is among the most important thermal centers of Emilia Romagna and Italy, the Liberty architecture gives to Salsomaggiore an elegant and vintage look that refers to the past of the Belle Epoque oat the beginning of the twentieth century. It is in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century that in Salsomaggiore were discovered the beneficial qualities and curative properties of its thermal waters: until then these salty waters drawn from a very ancient underground sea were used only to obtain salt to trade.

Salsomaggiore’s saltworks, known since Roman times, reached their popularity’s speak in the Middle Ages thanks to the well-known Pallavicino family when salt became the fundamental ingredient for the preservation of food. Only in the nineteenth century, thanks to the intuition of doctor Lorenzo Berzieri, people begin to exploit the healing properties of these waters, unique for the concentration of substances and mineral salts.

Even today the thermal center of Salsomaggiore is well known and frequented for its curative properties, as well as for the peculiarity and the beauty of the building that contains it: elegant and full of friezes, stuccos and decorations enrich the Palazzo delle Terme Berzieri that dominates the main square of the village giving it a a pleasant and retro atmosphere highlighted by other buildings such as the nearby Warowland Gallery or the thermal wells decorated with articulated wrought iron ornaments. Nearby Salsomaggiore, the village of Tabiano, in addition to the beautiful castle from the X century, boasts a well-known thermal spa whose waters are used for specific pathologies.

A territory of well-being, relax and culture, just a few steps from Parma, with many events and many facilities to accomodate and cater tourists and visitors of all kinds.


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