The Terme Respighi of Tabiano are famous all over the world and known as “terme del respiro” for their water that comes from springs and local wells.

It is a cold, sulfur-sulphate-calcic-magnesium strongly mineralized water with high bircarbonate content and a very high content of hydrogen sulphate. Known as early as 1800, it is still considered as one of the most concentrated waters of sulfates and sulphurous gases in Europe.

The Tabiano thermal spa was officially founded in 1841 at the behest of the Duchess Maria Luiga of Austria, widow of Napoleon Bonaparte. Maria Luigia was an expert and an importer of thermal waters since her youth, due to her poor health, she used to go with her family to the most fashionable Villes d’eaux.

The Terme di Tabiano offers treatments for various diseases, rehabilitations, a polyclinic center, a wellness center and a shop selling all the Terme di Tabiano products.

Credits photo Terme di Tabiano


Viale delle Terme, 43039 Bagni di Tabiano, Salsomaggiore (PR)

+39 800861385