tasty box



Here comes the Tasty box!

In September Parma welcomes you with a sea of ​​flavors.
Come to Parma for a weekend during the Gastronomic September and find out what we have prepared for you!

The Tasty box of Parmesan flavors is back in September. The occasion for this rich tribute will be the most awaited event of the end of summer: the Gastronomic September which again this year, even if in a slightly modified version, will fill the days of the sweetest month of the summer with many events spread over the city and the territory, involving restaurants and shops.

To receive it as a gift will be all those who arrive in Parma Italian Capital of Culture 2020+21 on the occasion of the Gastronomic September and will stay in one of the city accommodation facilities for one or more nights, as long as the period includes Saturday.

It’s the extraordinary treasure chest of the Food Valley and an invitation to experience the flavors of PARMA City of Gastronomy in the kitchen at home. Inside the “Tasty Box”, in fact, guests of the city of Parma will be able to find PDO Parmigiano Reggiano and Prosciutto di Parma, Barilla pasta, Mutti and Rodolfi Mansueto tomato preserves, Parmalat cream and anchovies of Parma by Delicius, L’isola d’oro, Rizzoli Emanuelli and Zarotti Spa.

A greedy and tasty opportunity, absolutely not to be missed.

For more info about the Gastronomic September read the program.


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