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The black pig of Parma: the excellence of the cured meats

Almost disappeared in the mid-fifties and subject of a project of rediscovery and reintroduction since the late nineties, the Black Pig of Parma was officially recognized by the Ministry for Agricultural Policies as a breed in 2016.

A recognition, that of the Ministry, which protects and recognizes the work of many small breeders, the University of Parma and local institutions who have believed in the project of reintroducing an indigenous breed symbol of excellence and uniqueness of a territory.

A unique meat enhanced by traditional processes

Raised only in the wild or established in farms of our Apennines and Bassa Parmense, respecting the freedom and welfare of the animal, the black pig of Parma is a robust, strong animal, easily recognizable by the dark pigmentation of its mantle.
The meat of the Parma black pig is particularly prized and used as a base for the preparation of the great cured meats of the Parma and Parma tradition: the distribution of intramuscular fat in the meat  is very strong and lends itself to quick cooking without losing sapidity and tenderness. In addition, the fat, white and firm, is very tender and gives a special flavor to the meat. Its meat is so tasty that some producers omit the addition of salt in particularly savory preparations such as lard. This is also because the marbling of the meat makes the aging process longer than that of other breeds.
The cured meats prepared with black pork from Parma prefer the cut with a knife that, compared to the slicing cut, is more respectful of the organoleptic characteristics and the integrity of the flavors.

The black pig of Parma
The black pig of Parma

Our farms: where excellence is produced every day

The farms of Parma City of Gastronomy that breed the Parma black pig are real excellence that have made the breeding of this animal a mission: breeders as guardians of ancient races, producers as defenders of biodiversity. The result is unique products with a particularly intense and penetrating flavor that stand out among others for the ruby ​​color of the meat.

Climbing the mountains of our Apennines, among the woods of Corniglio, the black pigs of the farm Ca ‘Mezzadri graze in the wild in an area of ​​about four hectares recovered from the unproductive state, feeding on what the forest offers. The salame, the culatta, the lard, the raw ham, the culatello: thanks to the craftsmanship the quality of the black pork is enhanced to the maximum and will give you unique flavors.

The black pigs of Ca' Mezzadri
The black pigs of Ca’ Mezzadri


Flanked by the placid waters of the Po, the pastures around the Antica Corte Pallavicina, reign of the starred chef Massimo Spigaroli, are also the kingdom of the black pigs of Parma. Their meat is not only used for the production of the largest Parma cold cuts, Spalla Cruda, Coppa di Parma, Salame Verdiano, Culatello di Zibello, Spalla Cotta, but the best cuts of meat are also the basis for the starred recipes of chef Spigaroli: the filet, the entrecôte, the piglet. The passion of the Spigaroli family for the ancient traditions of the Bassa Parmense can exalt this product to the maximum.

Coppa of black pig by Antica Corte Pallavicina
Coppa of black pig by Antica Corte Pallavicina

A unique product, worthy of the enhancement and promotion implemented by the Consortium and by the institutions, but which passes above all from the palates of those who will appreciate the undisputed quality of the meat of the Parma black pig.

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