The great Po river flows slowly in the Parmesan territory for about 30 km, marking its northern borders with Lombardy in a centuries-old marriage between history and landscape, defining the identity of this strip of land called La Bassa, which sinks its charm between extraordinary river sites by atmosphere , culture and natural environment.

Poplar groves and meanders alternate with equipped stopping points and river moorings dedicated to tourism and sport and valuable naturalistic areas such as the Woods of Maria Luigia in Torricella di Sissa and the Parma Morta Nature Reserve in Mezzani which protects a dead branch of the bed of the Parma stream.

The itinerary also touches the points of the Strada del Culatello with the possibility of visiting the Museum of Culatello, with restaurants, private shops, resale of the famous salami in addition to the Museum of Parmigiano Reggiano of Soragna.
Artistically then the area is dotted with many small villages with precious historical evidence such as fortresses, ancient churches, museums and different collections.
The Bassa Parmense is also home to Giovannino Guareschi and the nearby Busseto of Maestro Giuseppe Verdi.

On the great river it is possible to make guided excursions, tourist, naturalistic, didactic, sport-fishing with the possibility of renting a bike by reservation. The departures take place from the river ports of Polesine Parmense or from Torricella di Sissa.


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