Parma’s connection with gastronomy is an ancient and indissoluble link that is reflected in life, history and art of the city. The streets, alleys and palaces of Parma include gastronomic stories and curiosities: from production to product processing, from markets to noble tables, from agriculture to butchery. The Streets of Taste is a 24-points route marked with special flags in the historic center of the city. The Streets of Taste are far more than a guided tour and a suggestive itinerary, they are the result of a passionate work that leads tourists and parmesan to the roots of Parma history and its traditions as a sign of food culture.


The stages of the itinerary:

– “Piazza Grande” and the “Portici del Grano”

– The alleys behind the Town Hall and the salt custom

– The Beccaj Palace and the ancient Locanda Sant’Ambrogio

– “Pescheria Vecchia” and “Piazzale della Macina”

– Via Cavour, already Via Nuova dei Beccaj

– Bran, flour, fruit and vegetables: Borgo Ronchini

– Borgo del Salame and Borgo Bondiola

– Man’s Crafts: Cathedral and Baptistery

– The ancient San Giovanni Pharmacy

– The canteen of the nuns of St. Paul

– At the table of Maria Luigia. Glauco Lombardi Museum

– From prehistory to court banquets: Palazzo della Pilotta

– Borgo delle Cucine

– Piazza Ghiaia and the markets of the city

– Piazzale San Bartolomeo and the Abbot Markets

– Esoteric foods above the altar: Santa Maria della Steccata

– Cariparma: Sala Bocchi and Sala de Strobel

– Tasting notes: Arrigo Boito Music Conservatory

– Palazzo Bossi Bocchi and tableware between Renaissance and Baroque

– Genovese Road and parmesan “lardaroli”


Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, 1, 43121, Parma (PR)

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