Torta fritta (literally fried cake) as nothing to do with dessert, called in other provinces “crescentina”, “chisa”, “chisulein” or “gnocco fritto” (fried dumplings), is a typical Parmesan dish that blends perfectly in with salami, cheeses and local wines. The dough itself is very simple (water, yeast and flour) and it is just the frying process, possibly in the lard, to make it so tasty. Perfect as an appetizer, it can also be a main dish and it is much exquisite as an aperitif, accompanied by a fresh glass of Lambrusco di Parma.

Ingredients for 4/6 persons:

250 grams of white flour
15 gr of beer yeast
30 gr of lard or oil
1 tablespoon filled with salt
1/8 l of lukewarm water (12 tablespoons)
abundant oil or lard for frying


sift flour on the planter, make a hole in the center, place salt, lard and yeast dissolved in the water. Work well all for a long time. Let this dough cover with a canvas, in a lukewarm place, for one hour. Pour the dough, with the rolling pin or with the machine, in a loaf of about three millimeters. Chop them into rye and fry them in boiling oil, a few at a time. Drizzle the swollen and golden pieces and serve them hot with a sprinkling of salt, accompanied by soft cheeses and salami.