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Proposed by Assapora Appennino

Do you know the Castle of Torrechiara? Its beauty seduces, in fact it was built 600 years ago for the love of Bianca Pellegrini, but also for the love of the land on which Pier Maria Rossi, the Magnificent, capable and cultured captain, dominated.

Hills and mountains guarded by 24 castles, farms and well bred animals all around…an extraordinary and pristine geography, to admire from the Golden room and then, looking out from the loggia, we find fields and grapevines in the landscape, exactly as back in time, that give us products as the Wines of the hills, the Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and the Ham of Parma.

With our guide, you will discover how much this passion for beauty and good food is still alive !

Everyday-tour starting from Piazza Leoni in Torrechiara

Arrival in Piazza Leoni 2, Torrechiara at 9 a.m. and meeting with the tourist guide that will assist you for entire experience.

Departure for a Parmigiano Reggiano dairy to assist the making process of this very old cheese and for discovering its unique flavor with a nice tasting.

About 10,50 am – visit of the production of another king of the local tradition: Parma Ham with tasting.

At 12,15 am – following our guide, you will discover the medieval Torrechiara Castle or Village and its unique beauty and history, so different from that of other manners !

At the end, we offer you a delicious aperitif based on the wines of the Colli di Parma and typical Appennine products, such as herb and potato pies, fresh shepherd cheeses, traditional mountain pastries and liquors.

The cost for this program, including the guide, the entrances and tastings in every place, including also rental of individual radio headphones to easily follow the story without being obliged to stay close to the tourist guide – will be calculated based on the number of participants.

1 pax  €          140,00
2 pax  €            95,00
3 pax  €            80,00
4 – 5 pax  €            70,00
6 – 7 pax  €            65,00
8 – 14 pax  €            60,00
da 15 pax  €            55,00


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