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Why choose an agriturismo for your holidays? Parma City of Gastronomy tips

More and more the modern tourist searches, for his holidays, not for simple things to do or places to see, but for real experiences. One of the most appreciated experiences, in recent times, is that of a farm holiday, chosen by those who prefer green tourism but also by those who simply love contact with nature.

The agritourism is a form of holiday created to help the agricultural sector: those who stayed in the agritourism facilities received free board and lodging in exchange for help in the daily work of the peasant family. Today this modality has been lost and the agritourisms have become true and proper accommodation facilities to all effects, equipped with all comforts.

The advantages of a farm holiday are many: the small size of the structures and the informal climate will allow you to feel like at home, surrounded by nature and its rhythms.

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It is precisely the contact with nature the added value of a holiday in a farm. The agritourism facilities are always surrounded by mountain, hilly or flat sceneries of rare beauty where there are plenty of opportunities to discover or rediscover rural and peasant traditions. The peculiar characteristic of the agritourism structures is in fact that of being farms, producers of vegetables, fruit, wine, cheeses and cured meats or breeders of farm animals and, often, real and proper educational farms.

The in-house production is then the basis of the meals prepared on the farm: genuine, rustic and natural flavors and traditional rural dishes are inevitable among the farm holiday experiences.

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In Parma City of Gastronomy you are spoiled for choice for those who love farm holidays: you can stay in structures immersed in greenery a stone’s throw from the city surrounded by gardens and swimming pool areas or choose to sleep on a farm that produces Parmigiano Reggiano; move to the mountains in agritourism farms that grow vegetables, produce honey or wine and raise animals in the wild and taste their products, visit the vegetable gardens, greenhouses and stables, or choose a pet-friendly agritourism  for a holiday in the company of your pet.

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All you have to do is visit the page of our site dedicated to farmhouses in Parma and the province and choose the most suitable one for you and… have a nice holiday!

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